Why Are Taxes So Taxing? Top 10 Reasons Why I don’t Like Paying Taxes

taxesAs a small business owner doing freelance work for other small business owners, I am in awe at the enormous tax burden placed on successful small businesses. It’s not only a financial burden, but also the aggravations and fear created by government regulations, and the harassment of government bureaucracies who enforce laws that no one understands, or even knows how to properly interpret.

In a recent discussion with a client, we got onto the topic of filing taxes. Somewhere in the conversation we decided to humor ourselves by writing up a top 10 list of reasons why he hated paying taxes, and within minutes we developed the following. Do to the fear of persecution from the IRS he insisted on remaining anonymous. Yet gave me permission, and practically begged me, to publish the following:

Top 10 Reasons Why I, a small business owner, Don’t Like Paying Taxes

10. I don’t like paying for anything I don’t have to. I wouldn’t mind paying my “fair share” if I was getting a reasonable value.

9. I don’t like paying my taxes and paying more to have them prepared and filed, than in actual taxes.

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8. I don’t like paying taxes when the rates punish success at every productive level, with extreme taxes on the most productive, and funding the nonproductive.

7. I don’t like paying my taxes when Facebook, GE, and other Obama cronies make billions and pay no taxes, but get huge subsidies and often refunds. Almost half of the people pay no income tax at all, yet many complain about the “rich” not paying their fair share.*

6. I don’t like paying taxes when no one knows the ridiculously complicated tax code, and will most likely eventually be audited by someone with a completely different interpretation than my tax preparer.

5. I don’t like paying taxes when even after I pay my taxes, I must still live in fear of an audit or receiving penalties. Other small business owners concur that their greatest fears are not the economy or sales, but the IRS, OSHA, and the EPA.

4. I don’t like the ridiculous amount of time it takes to prepare for my tax preparer. Paying someone to tell you how much you have to pay sounds like the punch line of a demented joke.

3. I don’t like the psychological, emotional, and even physical drain caused from doing taxes. Productive activity basically ceases, and I usually become suicidal January 2nd until taxes are filed, often on April 15th.

2. I hate even more how they spend my tax money. Subsidizing enemies (foreign and domestic), baby killers, and those out to destroy our country and everything I believe in.

1. Yet above all, what I hate most about taxes is how they enforce tax law, and how they collect it, completely ignoring the constitution. They can confiscate anything, break down your door, seize your property, rob your bank account, and demand you pay more before they will even tell you what law you have violated, and then demand you prove your innocence, if you want any of it back.

If congress would put 1% of the effort into spending our money wisely that the IRS puts into collecting it, this country would not have the financial problems that it has today.

Reference: Tax Policy Center


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