Why Male Pansies Can’t Attract a Good Woman

couchA while back I received several e-mails from guys requesting my advice on how to attract a female who is  into shooting and the outdoors. They some how, just can’t seem to figure it out.

Being that we humans aren’t whitetail deer, where rubbing your scent on a tree to find a mate is all that it takes, it makes things harder for guys.

I’ve decided to throw a bone and help these clueless lads on how to attract such a lady.  Here are essential points to follow in attracting the Katniss Everdeen for your life:


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1.   Confidence is key:

Now, I know I said we weren’t whitetail, but since you did mention you wanted a woman of the outdoors, I will use an analogy that caters to this community.

Women want the stud buck, bear or lion in their life.  They want the alpha male, the one who walks out into the field and you know… he’s the man.  However, don’t confuse this with arrogance; that is one thing women can’t stand.

2. Class not swag:

The woman who is into shooting and the outdoors is usually someone who is confident in herself.  Knowing that, she will never choose a man who carries himself with “swag” and treats women as objects.  A hundred times over …and over, they will choose a man who has “class” and treats them with the respect they deserve.

3.   Be a man of virtue:

Living a life of virtue is much harder than living a life of vice.  Showing that you are virtuous in your actions will tell a woman that you live to a moral code, you have discipline and you aren’t easily influenced by weak and petty people.

4.   Don’t look, or be, desperate:

Never need someone.  Always be content with the thought of being alone, that way you won’t fall for the wrong woman. Also, if you do appear desperate, that’s usually when women run for the hills… and I think it’s true for men too. However, when you do find the apple-of-your-eye, don’t ignore her.

5.   My final note is, look sharp.

ZZ Top knows this and so should you; every girl goes crazy for a sharp dressed man.  Guys, please put an effort into your appearance.  We females aren’t shallow because we overlook the guys in sweat pants or who do the tube-sock/flip-flop combo… you look like a slob, that’s why we overlook you.  If you want to attract a woman, be attractive.


Now, keep in mind this is strictly my opinion and the games of love are never set in stone.  Nevertheless, these generally seem to be traits the majority of these Katniss Everdeen-like women are attracted to.

Also, take note of my use of the term “man”.  The type of woman you want to attract isn’t going to be into a 30-year-old mama’s boy, who still lives at home and wets his bed.  She is looking for a leader, the stud of the herd; she is looking for a “man”, not a “boy”.

Hope this helped.

Happy hunting,

-Regis Giles


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