Why Piers Morgan Is Wrong

piersI’ve been requested to write this article regarding the difference between England and the US when it comes to crime involving firearms. It is in response to this video here.  Piers Morgan, intellectual giant that he is, takes on Larry Pratt from Gun Owners of America on the topic of firearm control.

Mr. Morgan correctly points out that the gun crime rate in England is low. But it has been low historically so this is not a shocker. But to assert that since the gun crime rate in England is very low that you’re somehow safer in England than America is simply not true. It is also not true that massacres don’t happen in England.

The people of Cumbria wouldn’t agree. Here is what the Guardian has to say about the incident. It happened in June, 2010, and the murderer used a .22 rifle and a shotgun. So how did those strict English gun laws work to prevent this? They failed because laws, no matter how strict, do not prevent crime! Laws define criminal behavior or activity, and prescribe punishment requirements for breaking them. But criminals, by definition, don’t obey laws. Monsters ignore them completely. As for the massacre phenomenon and European involvement Lt Col Dave Grossman had this to say in his latest Facebook statement on mass killing events.

“And it is a world-wide phenomenon! Germany has had two mass murders in their high schools with body counts that beat Columbine. England had a massacre in the kindergarten class in Dunblain, Scotland, tragically forecasting Sandy Hook. Canada had the Taber, Alberta school massacre. Finland has had three school massacres. In Norway the killer got on an island and killed all their kids. In China killers are going in the classrooms with knives and gutting and hacking the kids. In Belgium a sicko got in the day care center and hacked 12 babies in their cribs, dressed as the Joker from the Batman movie. (All those European gun laws made THEM real safe, eh?)” Please visit his page to read the whole article; it is well worth your time.

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So let’s get down to brass tacks. The Telegraph had this to say in 2009, “UK is the violent crime capital of Europe”. There is also this little fun graphic, detailing the violent crime rate per 100,000 for the UK.


I couldn’t find the date for that chart so bear that in mind. It does sadly demonstrate the EU is not a safe place in general though. The actual instances of criminal activity reported in England are going down according to the British Home Office report for 2010/2011 in England and Wales. But they’re very cagey with the numbers and details about the violent crime rates, and lump a big chunk of criminal activity as “Anti-Social Behavior”, which is something of a catch all category.

There are no mentions made of Muslim rapists targeting non-Muslim women that have been reported from a variety of sources. Also conspicuously absent is data from the major metro areas that would result from the riots in August of 2011. The Guardian lead with this headline about the 4 day long outbreak of mayhem that spread across all the major English metro areas, “Rioters say anger with police fueled summer unrest”.

Reporting of criminal activity in England is derived from two sources, police reports and a nationwide public survey. The survey is considered to be more reliable, though far from complete, and always comes in with higher numbers than the police reports.

There are numerous comments on newspaper reports that say that crime in England is under reported, or is not investigated by police. As a resident of Tucson, AZ, I can certainly see how that could be indeed the case. Police response time for property crimes here are measured in hours due to low manpower combined with call volume, and many crimes go unreported due to fears of deportation, language barriers, and distrust of police, factors which seem to be in play in England as well.

Thus the English populace is under siege by high crime rates, yet lacks the means to defend themselves or their loved ones. English criminals don’t really need to use guns or knives as they can travel in packs that most English citizens can’t deal with as they are effectively unarmed.

In closing, Piers Morgan knows nothing about that of which he speaks, ignores facts that don’t fit his narrative, and narrows the focus solely to “gun violence” numbers that favor his talking points. In doing so he totally ignores that firearms violence in the US is overwhelmingly in metro areas with extreme limitations on firearms, and it takes place between criminals more often than not.

Mr. Morgan glosses over the fact that Connecticut has very strict firearms laws that include registration requirements, magazine capacity limits, “assault weapon” ban, and other Liberal wish list firearm restrictions that failed completely. Mr. Morgan also ignores the large numbers of armed citizens who defend their lives and loved ones against violence using their legally owned and carried firearms.

While having a firearm at home for protection is a good thing, many criminals prefer to prey on people away from home, and the .45 ACP pistol on my nightstand at home is useless when I’m at the corner of Alvernon and Irvington at 11 PM. Thus it behooves me to have the ability to carry defensive measures with me, and thankfully the American Constitution recognizes my right to do so.


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