Why We Carry: Alleged Gunman Shot Down by Armed Officer at High School

Wednesday morning Illinois’s Dixon High School experienced an alleged gunman on their campus, luckily a good guy with a gun was also there and prevented him from inflicting harm.

Local news network WRAL reports the alleged attacker was on the campus around 8:00, where he was confronted by the armed school resource officer. According to Danny Langlos, the Dixon city manager, the man then fired at the officer, to which the officer pulled his gun and shot the alleged attacker, making contact.

The report states the attacker did not receive life-threatening injuries and is now in the custody of local law enforcement. SaukValley.com reports that the attacker is a “19-year-old former student,” however he still remains anonymous.


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The Dixon city manager said this of the morning events: “We’re lucky the officer was there. His brave actions saved a lot of lives.”

When you have good people who are armed and willing to take action during a time of an attack, lives are saved. The only reason this is not on CNN or NBC is because no children died, which is wrong. The bravery of this officer should be celebrated.

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