Why We Must Elect a True Conservative in 2016

elephantOur next election is coming sooner than most of us want. Democrat possibilities are already gearing up to take their shot. We all expect Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden to go for it (she’s wanted it since she tasted it during her husband’s time in office). Then there’s

Mario Cuomo and Marilyn Governor, Martin O’Malley, who may throw their hats in the race. Some think the list will include Corey Booker and Rahm Emanuel, but others think not. We’ll see. There may be others as well, but (supposedly) those named are the “front runners” at the moment; depending, of course, on who you ask.


On the Republican side, the list of possibilities is even longer. Chris Christie, Scott Brown, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio (although not actually eligible:[see current occupant of the White House]), etc., have all been under consideration by the public. 2016 speculation has been going on since before the 2012 election. That’s a long time to be in “campaign mode” for any potential candidate.


No matter who the candidates are, though, there must be one thing that Conservatives work toward. No matter the political party — Republican, Libertarian, Independent, or “other” — we must support and vote FOR a True Conservative candidate. We have no choice if we are going to get America back on track. Consider:

The president is a maxi-progressive. His policies and practices include (an incomplete list):

(Was he “playing spades” [definition 10]?)
Lied, lied, and lied again to the American people

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Abdicated his role as Commander In Chief to others, not within the chain of command

Changes laws to suit himself

Finds ways to redistribute the wealth his way

Pushes to allow illegal aliens to flood into America and fundamentally change her

Pushes to allow his buddies to benefit from publicly owned lands

Gives money to ACORN despite its being de-funded by Congress

Propagandizing America and trying to control our behaviors

Used the IRS to target specific groups of people and organizations etc., etc., etc.

What we know about “progressives” is that they are competitive and that they build upon what is already done — then push for more. They follow Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” techniques and they don’t mind substituting it for the U.S. Constitution. With progressives, the ends justify the means and it doesn’t matter what those means are as long as they get what they want. Usually, that goal is something that is not good for you, me, or America.

Considering the partial list above, if we do not want to continue the current administration’s progressive practices (and down the road to destruction) we all know that we cannot elect a Democrat. Here’s the rub: We also cannot elect a RINO, a “moderate” Democrat, or anyone besides a True Conservative — of whatever political party he/she may belong.

The “True Conservative” standard matters because just the “R” after the name can sometimes be dangerous! We all know about John Boehner’s sissification, Arlen Specter’s get along-ness, Olympia Snowe’s fitting in and the disappointing Marco Rubio, etc. America is paying the price for McCain’s reaching across the aisle so often his arms are twice the normal length.

We know we cannot count on the U.S. Supreme Court (I use the term loosely) to protect the Constitution. That has been proven by the last minute change of mind by “Chief Justice” John Roberts, on the healthcare bill. Realization that it was suddenly a “tax” supposedly made it all acceptable under the “Commerce Clause”. Too bad it was argued that the thing was not a tax by the administration. But we digress; water under the bridge, moving forward we focus on the future and what they can do to us if we allow like-minded candidates into the “people’s house” (White House).

A “True Conservative” would never have made the decision the U.S. Supreme Court did regarding healthcare, nor will they push for the same things a progressive will. If we do not choose a “True Conservative” we will face the inevitable results of this administration’s actions built upon by another like-minded, or compromising (McCain’s arms) president. The reasonable result, following the logical progression of the steps the current administration has made, is World War III with America losing.

That is how it is set-up. Weakening our defensesselling our advanced weaponry to our enemies and making half of America dependent upon the government in one way or another, there is plenteous evidence that America is set-up for progressive control and total disaster if we — the Conservatives of America — choose to ignore our responsibilities, vote only for the Republican Party candidate (no matter who it is) and doom America to a RINO, a “moderate” Republican, or a fraud of a Conservative.


Now is the time! Do your research. Start watching your Supervisor of Elections offices’ websites and start contacting every candidate you can. Attend their meetings. Ask them hard, probing, defining questions. Make them respond to your questions. Then tell others what you have learned. Even if you have to start a blog and learn enough about the internet to do so, do what you can to educate your friends, neighbors, relatives about each candidate. Then support the most Conservative candidate you can find. For if we do not do so, we are as much responsible for what happens to America (and the world) as are those who wanted it to happen!


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