WIFE CRASHES HER OWN FUNERAL: Scares the Cr*p Out of Husband Who Hired Hit Men to Kill Her

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 7.02.05 AM (1)That’s one way to get revenge from the grave. Hope she filmed his reaction.

When the gritty reboot of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is inevitably announced, the screenwriters can look to Noela Rukundo for inspiration. Like Tom and Huck, she attended her own funeral; unlike Tom and Huck, she was there to confront her husband, who had hired hit men to kill her.

Noela, who lives in Australia, was in her native Burundi, Africa, attending her stepmother’s funeral when she received a call from her husband, Kalala. She was feeling overwhelmed, so he asked her how the weather was and said to go outside for some fresh air. Waiting for her was a man with a gun.

As she told the BBC:

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“He just told me, ‘Don’t scream. If you start screaming, I will shoot you. They’re going to catch me, but you? You will already be dead.’ So, I did exactly what he told me.” (Via)

Noela was thrown in a car, where more mysterious men awaited her.

“I was stood just looking at him. He was scared, he didn’t believe it. Then he starts walking towards me, slowly, like he was walking on broken glass. He kept talking to himself and when he reached me, he touched me on the shoulder. He jumped. He did it again. He jumped. Then he said, ‘Noela, is it you?’… Then he start screaming, ‘I’m sorry for everything.’” (Via)

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