obama-sweating-GTU-630x286President Barack Obama has said repeatedly that he hopes the “fever” of Republican opposition will “break,” as if checks-and-balances were a disease rather than the essence of the American Constitution. Ron Fournier of the National Journal–who in the past has agreedwith Democrats’ slander that Republicans are racist–worries that the president has no interest in governing and would rather keep campaigning.

He notes that Obama declared that his first priority after the shutdown was over and the debt ceiling lifted would be immigration reform. “It’s a curious choice, given the magnitude of the debt and the durability of the size-of-government debate. Does Obama really think immigration is a more serious problem? Or is it merely the best political issue for Democrats?” He is doubtful that Obama will put debt and deficits first.

Peter Beinart of the Daily Beast has a different worry–that Democrats are encouraging each other to be complacent while Republicans have …

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