#WimberleyFlood: Search for 12 Missing People Continues as Bad Weather Persists

I hope this search has a happy ending for everyone.

In Hays County, the search continues for 12 people who went missing over the Memorial Day weekend because of the flooded Blanco River. Crews from several different agencies are searching by helicopter, boat and on foot to find the missing. They’re even using thermal imaging to help with the search.

Part of the 12 that are missing were staying in Wimberley and some were staying together when the house washed away. Officials say they were at a big gathering so it’s kind of hard to determine who left at what time and who is actually missing. 8 of those reported missing are from Corpus Christi.

Looking at the damage that’s left behind, it’s not hard to see how easy it would have been for people to get swept away. There are cars turned over, couches in trees and homes just completely washed off their foundations.

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Texas Task Force One is one of the 28 FEMA urban search and rescue teams.

More than a hundred friends and family members from all over Texas are in Wimberley on their own to help with the search efforts on land.

The families are asking landowners along the river to check their properties and to call the Hays County Sheriff’s Office if they find anything.

If you’re interested in volunteering equipment or your time through an organization you can email this address:hayscoflood@co.hays.tx.us

Include the resources you can offer along with a point of contact and how you can be reached.

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