Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.38.32 AM (1)Don’t expect not to get shot if you’re charging at a cop with a weapon. The cop’s body cam caught the whole ordeal. WARNING: Graphic Content

Police have released video, showing the moment an officer shot dead a woman when she came after him with an ax.

The video, recorded from Gallatin Police officer James Spray’s vest, shows the cop getting out of his cruiser at the house where another officer had requested back-up.

Almost as soon as he has opened his door, Spray’s gun is out and aimed at 40-year-old Laronda Sweatt who is walking towards him with a medieval-style ax.

Spray is then heard ordering her over and over again to drop the weapon, but she refuses and continues to walk towards him.

Eventually he fires two shots at her and she falls to the ground.

Another clip, taken from the perspective of an officer who was driving behind Spray, shows Spray backing up as the woman approaches him. The woman is then seen falling to the pavement when Spray hits her with the fatal shots.

Authorities say Sweatt became combative when Sumner County Sheriff’s Deputy Gary Pickard accompanied housing authorities to serve an eviction notice on Wednesday.

Sweatt stabbed Pickard using the ax, WKRN reported. 

Gallatin police said in a news release they sent several officers when Pickard requested help. Sweatt then threatened Gallatin Officer James Spray with the ax and Spray shot her.

The Gallatin Police Department said in a statement issued to the Gallatin News: ‘Laronda Sweatt met Officer James Spray in the street and backed him up to his vehicle while threatening him with the same ax that she assaulted the Sumner Deputy.

‘As she continued advancing and making aggressive movement with the ax towards our officer, Officer Spray fired two shots striking Sweatt both times.


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