WOMAN DRIVES DRUNK: With a Tree Stuck in Her Car [WATCH]

Since we are new to Facebook, we were not quite sure what to expect from our post. We have received requests to post the video from this call. Some just didn’t believe it was true, so we have attached a short video of this call.The first portion of the video is in slow-motion and shows the car traveling in the opposite direction; the second portion shows the officer trying to stop the car and then as he approaches the driver. Yes, it is true and it happened! DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!

Posted by Roselle Police Department on Monday, March 7, 2016

Never drink and drive. Certainly don’t drink and drive with a tree in your car. This is shocking!

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A drunk driver has been pulled over in America for driving with a 15ft tree stuck in her car bonnet after a crash.

Police in Illinois released the unusual dashcam footage of the vehicle motoring along a road with the branches of the tree spiking out far above it.

The car is filmed being stopped as an officer approaches the driver.

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