WOMAN FATALLY SHOT: After Threatening Police with FAKE Gun

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 10.28.21 AMDid she have a death wish? People, word of advice: don’t threaten the police with any sort of weapon, fake or not.

A 25-year-old black woman was shot and killed by police officers in Virginia on Saturday after threatening them with what turned out to be a fake handgun, police said.

Investigators with the Norfolk Police Department’s Vice and Narcotics Division were conducting a surveillance operation when they came across a fight in a parking lot, police said.

The officers saw a woman involved in the altercation brandish what they believed was a handgun and threaten an unarmed man. The officers approached India M. Beaty, who refused to comply with their demands and made a threatening motion with the handgun before the officers fatally shot her, the department said.

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An investigation determined that the handgun was a non-firing replica.

In following with the department’s protocol, the officers have been pulled from the field and placed on administrative duty until the investigation is complete, CBS affiliate WTKR reported. The department said it won’t release the names of the officers while the investigation is underway.

Cpl. Melinda Wray, a police spokeswoman, told the Associated Press she didn’t know the races of the officers who were involved.


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