Woman is Stabbed. Two Unarmed Men Try Saving Her, Get Stabbed. Then Dude With Gun Shows Up…

Unless you’ve got an insane amount of hand-to-hand self-defense training that teaches you how to unarm an armed thug, expect to get whooped.

The acts of the two Good Samaritans coming to the rescue of this woman, whom was stabbed for her purse, are very commendable. More people should do what they did. However, knowing what you’re doing would help also.

This case proves why our Second Amendment is so important in this nation.

Here is how it went down. Rosanna Lynd was sitting in her car when a man, Bobby Martin Watson, walked up to her vehicle and tried to steal her purse. [First mistake, don’t sit in your car with the doors unlocked.]

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At this point a fight started. Lynd wasn’t going to give up her property that easy, so Watson then decided to stab the woman in her left thigh and abdomen. After that he ran. [Second mistake, if she knew he was armed and was unable to properly defend herself… Lynd should have let him have the purse. These are big ‘IFs’ though.]

Christopher McMann saw the whole thing happen and took chase to Watson. During this time Watson was able to stab McMann in the back, but that didn’t stop the Good Samaritan. He kept at it and another stranger,  Travis Jones, decided to help McMann out.

The two brave men tackled the armed thief. While doing so Jones was stabbed in the abdomen, in a spot just  millimeters away from his heart. However, he didn’t notice the wound until police were talking to him. [Third mistake, if you’re fighting someone with a weapon address the weapon first.]

The fight stopped when an armed citizen, Donald Rush, stepped in with his gun that was removed from his car. The armed citizen held Watson at gunpoint until police arrived and arrested Watson.

The thug faces armed robbery and battery with a deadly weapon charges. The woman and two Good Samaritans are reported to be able to survive their stab wounds.

An incident like this could have easily been prevented if Lynd had done one simple act, locking her car door. However, this event is a great reminder why our nation is so lucky to have a Second Amendment and why we need to preserve this right. Watson was ready to kill to get away with his crime, had someone with a “better” weapon not come along, who knows how this struggle would have ended.

What we’re trying to say is, law abiding citizens armed with guns can stop a lot of crime… and that is a wonderful thing.


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