WOMAN MURDERED IN CHURCH: Father-in-Law Brings Bloody Shirt to Dry Cleaners After Body Discovered

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.23.52 AMDoesn’t mean he is guilty, but it sure as hell looks suspicious. Do you think he did it?

The father-in-law of a fitness instructor murdered inside a Texas church last week took a shirt to the dry cleaners that appeared to have blood stains, Fox 4 reported Thursday, citing a search warrant.

Randy Bevers reportedly told the store clerk that it was “animal blood,” and the employee told authorities that it appeared as though someone tried to clean the shirt before dropping off the item.

Randy Bevers’ son Brandon, who was married to the murder victim Missy Bevers, told the station that the blood came from his father’s Chihuahua who was killed by another dog.

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The shirt was described as a XXL women’s white shirt. The owner of Dry Clean Super Center in Midlothian told FoxNews.com that the shirt was never dry cleaned and was turned over to police.

“It’s just a sign that people are being diligent about the situation,” Brandon Bevers said. “We want that to continue.”

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