WOMAN’S INTUITION: Target Employee Saves Little Girl From Abductor, He Gave Her a ‘weird feeling’

A vigilant Target employee jotted down the license plate number of a customer who gave her a ‘weird feeling’ Friday, and ended up saving an abducted child.

Roxanna Ramirez, a loss prevention specialist at the Pittsburg store in the Bay Area of California, noticed a man acting strangely in the aisles Friday morning. After monitoring him for some time in the store and in the parking lot, she took down his registration details then thought nothing of it.

However, that night, police put out an Amber Alert for 7-year-old Natalie Calvo with a suspect matching the man’s description, and Ramirez called in his information. Just 45 minutes later, officers rescued the child and arrested the alleged abductor, David Douglas.

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Authorities later hailed the 22-year-old a hero for her quick-thinking.

‘He was just fidgeting around. I wasn’t getting a good vibe off of him,’ she told ABC News.

On Tuesday night, the accused kidnapper admitted he snatched the girl from in front of her home in a jailhouse interview with ABC News.

Douglas said he did not harm the little girl and claimed the abduction wasn’t his idea.

He denied having a mental illness and said he believed there was a government conspiracy to control every aspect of his life, which drove him to stalk a number of big-box stores that day, following three different small children. Douglas told the network he took little Natalie because she would be the easiest to grab.

‘I actually just walked up to her and she came with me relatively easy, I mean, I appeared to be someone who could be familiar to her, you know, with her ethnicity,’ he explained calmly from jail.

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