WOMEN FIGHT BACK: This Chick Survived an Attacker and is Encouraging Others to Change Their Fate

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 8.43.05 AMRefuse to be the victim. Learn how to protect your life, because only you can control that.

A Broward woman who escaped a near-abduction is now on a mission to help empower other women. She, her friends and the community have come together to offer free self-defense classes available to women in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, was attacked about a year ago while she was out for a run at 5 AM. The woman said it happened when she spontaneously changed her route and turned on Sterling Road by 56 St. near Hollywood Hills High School.

“I took a route that I don’t normally take in the dark like that,” she said.

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She says she knew something was wrong when she saw a car pull off the street and the driver stepped out.

“He looked at me said ‘Good Morning.’ I looked at him and said hello and every alarm in my system went off. I knew that there was something bad about to happen, so I started running faster,” she said.

She recalled the moments following that exchange, saying the man ran after her. He tried to grab her ponytail. She wiped her hair out of the way that’s when he grabbed her shirt and began screaming at her to stop.

“I began screaming and used some move…I’m assuming that my husband had thought me or maybe I have seen it on TV,” she said.

She was able to break the grip on her shirt and stumbled out and fell into the middle of the road and began screaming. She got up and ran—escaping the attacker.

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