WORD OF ADVICE FOR NEW GUN OWNERS: Ignore Majority of Advice Given to You

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9.29.27 AMWhen you’re new to shooting everyone and their dog has an opinion on what you should be shooting. Take our advice, don’t listen to everything.

By Rob Morse

I’ve a word of advice for new gun owners. Ignore a lot of the advice you’re given. You see, gun owners are like everyone else. We want a contradiction. That can be embarrassing the first time you go shopping, particularly if the new gun owner is trying to buy a handgun. I’ve seen it time after time. We not only want a contradiction; we want the perfect contradiction.

  • We quickly find out that we want a heavy gun because it is more comfortable to shoot. The weight of the firearm helps reduce the felt recoil as the gun fires.
  • We want a light gun because it is easier to hold at arm’s length as we shoot. It is also easier to carry a light gun rather than carry a heavy lump that constantly tries to pull your pants down.
  • We want a large gun because we can shoot more accurately when the sights are farther apart. A large gun also wobbles less as we try to hold it steady.
  • We want a small gun because it is easier to carry concealed.
  • We want a trigger that is easy to press and has a short motion. That is a target trigger that we can shoot accurately.
  • We want a trigger that is heavy and requires a moderate amount of motion so we won’t fire the gun by accident. That is a trigger designed for a gun that is carried concealed.
  • We want a simple firearm that doesn’t have a manual safety. That means we have to train to use that simple firearm safely.
  • We want a gun with a manual safety so we won’t fire the gun by accident, but that means we have to train ourselves to deactivate the safety as we draw the gun from the holster.
  • We want an inexpensive gun so we can have more money left in our budget for training and practice.
  • We want a finely crafted gun so the shooting experience is more enjoyable, but that costs money.
  • We want a gun that is tailored to fit our hands rather than fit the average shooter.
  • We want an extremely reliable firearm, but that usually means leaving the gun the way the factory built it.

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