WHO WORE IT BETTER: Michelle Obama or the Christmas Tree?

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-8-03-06-amMichelle O’s designer sure took the Christmas season as inspiration for her latest dress. Michelle could have put an angel on top of her head, stood in the corner and no one would know the difference between her and the other trees. So now, you know what time it is, who wore it better?

Michelle Obama blended into the halls of the White House with an off-the-shoulder gown that bore a striking resemblance to the Christmas trees adorned with tinsel and metallic ornaments.

The First Lady joined President Barack Obama for their final Kennedy Center Honors gala on Sunday night, wearing the custom pink and green brocade gown with a beaded bow at the waist.

Michelle, who is known for sending a diplomatic message with her sartorial choices, opted for the Italian brand Gucci the same night the Mediterranean country held a referendum on constitutional reforms.

Italy voted against the reforms and rejected the political status quo, leading Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to resign on Monday.

While the link can be chalked up to coincidence, the First Lady’s choice was a notable aberration after opting for American designers the previous seven years.

Michelle, who has worked with wardrobe adviser Meredith Koop since 2009, has said herself, ‘I am impressed by Meredith’s ability to think not only about fashion but also the moment and the message,’ according to Harper’s Bazaar.

When Renzi visited the White House for a state dinner in October, for example, Michelle wore a gold Versace dress while Barack donned an Armani suit as a nod to their guests.


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