WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS: This Police Officer was Caught Doing the Sweetest Thing

copWith all the bad things people are saying about police, it’s pictures like these that show officers do care about the people they serve.

A police officer has won a legion of fans after a picture of him helping an elderly man with his shopping went viral.

A passer-by took a picture of PC Chris Stevens walking the pensioner home in Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire earlier this week.

The elderly man had caught the wrong bus and after finding him leaning against a wall, PC Stevens offered to carry his shopping and walk him home.

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The heartwarming picture has since been shared thousands of times across social media, with the officer earning widespread praise for his actions.

Describing the moment he offered to assist the man, PC Stevens said:

I saw the gentleman leaning up against a wall, so went over to ask if he was alright.

He said he’d been into town shopping but got on the wrong bus and was struggling to get home. So I asked if he wanted some help.

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