‘It Was Worth A Try’: Alleged Cop Killer Eric Frein Explains He Wanted To Start A Revolution

eric frein

Alleged cop killer Eric Frein is accused of terrorism, as his letter to ‘Mom and Dad’ reveals he wanted to start a revolution.

A letter from the man accused of opening fire on a Pennsylvania State Police barracks – killing one trooper and injuring another – to his parents has been revealed.

Eric Frein admitted killing a trooper because he was dissatisfied with government and wanted to ‘wake people up,’ according to court documents filed Thursday that provided the first indication of a possible motive.

Frein spoke of wanting to start a revolution in the letter to his parents and called the slaying of Cpl. Bryon Dickson an ‘assassination’ in a police interview after his October 30 capture, the documents said.

Court documents filed Thursday also included a letter, which authorities say was written by Frein and was addressed to ‘Mom and Dad.’

The letter says ‘Our nation is far from what it was and what it should be. I have seen so many depressing changes made in my time that I cannot imagine what it must be like for you. There is so much wrong and on so many levels only passing through the crucible of another revolution can get us back the liberties we once had. I do not pretend to know what that revolution will look like or even if it would be successful.

‘Tension is high at the moment and the time seems right for a spark to ignite a fire in the hearts of men. What I have done has not been done before and it felt like it was worth a try.

‘If I am dead I would like to be buried in a wood casket (no lead lined casket!) so that my remains can return to where they came from. I realize that this may not be possible though, laws and what not, so don’t sweat it. Also, light a candle for me at the Russian or Greek Orthodox church in Stroudsburg from time to time. It doesn’t need to be during a liturgy, just whenever they are open. I am sure you can figure it out.

‘I do not have a death wish but I know the odds. I tried my best to do this thing without getting identified, but if you are reading this then I was not successful. If I am still alive and free know that I will do my best to remain as such. And as time goes by, if circumstances change, if my spark hit good tinder, then I may be able to return one day.

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