WOW! Democrats Successfully BLOCK Vote on Gorsuch Supreme Court Nomination — GOP Hits Back With…

On Thursday the Senate Democrats successfully blocked a vote on Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination. This action has now opened a path for Republicans to push the nuclear option to get him confirmed.

Republicans are now ready to play hardball and they’re throw strikes at the Democrats. All they would need is a simple majority vote under the Reid Act.

Gorsuch needed 60 votes to advance his nomination; what he got was a 55-45 vote. Which means only four Democrats voted in his favor.

“Neil Gorsuch will be confirmed this week,” McConnell told Chuck Todd. “How that happens really depends on our Democratic friends.”

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Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised to go nuclear if the Colorado judge didn’t get the votes.

If this plan works, Gorsuch is expected to fill the seat of Justice Antonin Scalia on Friday.


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