WOW: Doctor Shot & KILLED Miles From Clinton House, at Their Favorite Deli

Doesn’t the area the Clinton’s live in have strict gun control laws? If they didn’t, I’m sure the Clinton’s will push for it now. Very sad incident.

A medical researcher who was at the forefront of gene therapy for hemophilia allegedly opened fire at one of the country’s most senior doctors at Bill and Hillary Clinton’s favorite hometown deli, early on Monday.

Hengjung Chao is accused of firing fired a double-barrel shotgun at Dennis Charney, dean of Mount Sinai school of medicine in New York, as the doctor left Lange’s Little Shop and Delicatessen.

A man delivering cold cuts was also hit by the blast.

It is less than a mile from the Clinton family home in Chappaqua, New York, and one of Bill and Hillary’s favorite local shops.

Chao, 49, then calmly put the gun back in the trunk of his car, parked in a Walgreens parking lot and waited for cops to arrive, local police chief Charles Ferry said.

The attack happened at 7 am on Monday as Chao’s former boss left Lange’s, a favorite spot of both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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Chao had traveled to Chappaqua from his home in the village of Tuckahoe, New York, then lay in wait, cops believe.

As his ex-boss left the deli, he opened fire. ‘There were only one or two shots, not the nine that has been reported,’ said Ferry.

‘When buckshot gets fired it spreads out.’

Chao made no attempt to flee the scene, said Ferry, and was taken into custody without incident. He is cooperating in the investigation.

Chao appeared in court on Monday night where he was charged with one count of attempted second degree murder.

He was wearing a hooded white jumpsuit with his hands shackled at the waist. He was remanded in custody with defense attorney Michael Rubin making no application for bail.

Chao will next appear in court on September 7. Town judge Noah Sorkin ordered that Chao should have stay away from Charney, who lives in Chappaqua, for one year.

Dr Charney, who as the Mount Sinai dean was Chao’s ultimate boss is still receiving treatment at the Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, New York. The second man has been released.

Ferry said the dispute went back some time. ‘I don’t know the exact year but it wasn’t recent.

‘It would seem to be an act of revenge,’ he said. ‘It is possibly anger towards one of the victims.’

Ferry said detectives hope surveillance video from the Walgreens store will help them piece together exactly how long Chao was waiting for his victim to leave Lange’s.

Charney is one of the country’s leading doctors. As well as being dean of Mount Sinai’s medical school, he is a professor of psychiatry, neuroscience and pharmacology and systems therapeutics at the school.

His primary work has been in psychiatry, and has seen him develop medical treatments for schizophrenia and depression.

He holds a string of awards for his work and has also been involved in research post-traumatic disorder in veterans.


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