WOW! Feminists are FLEEING ‘No Go’ Zones in Sweden Filled with Islamic Refugees

Sweden, a country most accepting of refugees from Islamic countries, is now dealing with a new problem, fed-up feminists. They are fleeing the suburbs after a slew of rapes and sexual assaults.

Prominent feminist Nalin Pekgul, who is part of the Swedish Social Democratic party, says she now avoids the center of town in Tensta where she has lived for 30 years. Another former Left Party official Zeliha Dagli, has moved from Husby to the inner city.

Pekgul says she no longer feels safe in her home town and that Muslim fundamentalists now have full control of the center. SVT, a television station in Sweden, reported her saying “religious fundamentalists gained increasing space in the area and the place of women in the public sphere diminished.”

Pekgul tried to raise awareness of the issue by holding coffee shop meetings, but she’s been forced to give them up.

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“It is clear that people have been incredibly aggressive towards me when I joined the center. Especially the last year, I ducked to sit at the restaurant that I used to sit on after several people have been on me really angry because I told you about these things.

“I always hope that it will blow over. One should never forget that the vast majority here are cursing the fundamentalists.”

Dagli has moved from the “no-go” suburb of Husby (somewhere the police even refuse to enter)  to downtown Stockholm. She said the new Islamic refugees are acting as “morality police,” attempting to control women’s behavior in the area.

“There were rumors that we wanted to take away women’s veils, we painted black community, that we were not good and decent women and we wanted MAKE SWEDISH all women. People told me that I would not write about Husby and my surroundings began to warn me. They said that I would keep myself, and then I did not feel so safe anymore.”

Dagli says where she lives in Stockholm, these problems don’t exist.

“I feel calm, at least not controlled. Nobody cares how I dress or what I have people I talk to.”

H/T: The Daily Wire


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