WOW: Texas Police Just VIOLATED City Policy for Trump

These guys very much believe in Trump. And can you blame them? After all that Hillary has said about police, this is no surprise.

More than a dozen San Antonio Police Department officers appeared to violate city policy on Tuesday when they appeared in a short video tweeted by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump wearing his trademark red hats that read “Make America Great Again.”

Mayor Ivy Taylor said she was deeply disappointed, and Police Chief William McManus said the officers violated policy and would be disciplined accordingly.

The SAPD officers were part of the department’s motorcycle unit that helped escort the Trump motorcade to and from the San Antonio International Airport.

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Their uniforms include the motorcycle unit patch and many can be seen in tall, black riding boots. The unit often helps transport dignitaries when they come to town, said Mike Helle, president of the San Antonio Police Officers Association.

City officials were not immediately able to comment on the video.


In the 25-second video, Trump can be heard saying, “thank you, fellas,” to the officers. Several respond in kind and give him the thumbs-up sign while wearing the red baseball caps.

Helle said such political activity is prohibited.

“You can’t do that kind of stuff while on duty,” he said.

As Trump boards his plane to leave, the officers turn away and walk back toward their parked motorcycles. The video captures at least 14 officers wearing the hats. Beneath them, video text reads: “WE WILL MAKE AMERICA SAFE & GREAT AGAIN, TOGETHER!”

Trump’s tweet encourages people to register to vote at VOTE.GOP if they haven’t already. Tuesday was the last day to register to vote in Texas.

City policy prohibits employees from participating in political activity while acting in their capacity as city employees.

Helle said these officers escort dignitaries “all the time” and seemed surprised that they would don the political hats. But he expected little punishment for their actions.


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