WOW: You Won’t Believe What Hackers are Doing to ISIS Militants’ Twitter Account

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.02.31 AMWhat ever it takes… right? If this is enough to get them offline, then by all means hackers, hack away.

Online hackers are spamming ISIS supporters on Twitter by following them with THOUSANDS of graphic porn accounts.

The accounts, known as ‘pornbots’, feature nothing but graphic sexual images and are automatically generated, but almost never tweet and therefore cannot be deleted as spam.

The hackers target tweeters who use a lot of ISIS hashtags and strike rapidly, sometimes following them with several hundred accounts in just a few minutes.

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One of their targets is a prolific French ISIS account, which recently shared a video of an ISIS execution of six Syrians with the caption: “Ahh, I love these videos…”

Another ISIS account, also run by a French fighter, often has tweets about journalists in Iraq and Syria warning that they are just as responsible for the deaths of innocent people as US soldiers .

The account had barely 50 followers until yesterday, when it was followed by more than 800 Pornbots in just a few hours.

Some accounts have been deluged by as many as 4,000 of the explicit images, which the jihadists find incredibly offensive because of their religion – a twisted interpretation of Islam.

Last week the official ISIS media agency Amaq was also struck by the phenomenon.


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