WTF: The GOP is Planning to DELAY Repeal of Obamacare Taxes

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The GOP better get its sh*t in gear or they will have a very upset nation on their hands. We did not vote for them to keep the same bad policies in place. They were elected to repeal the BS that Obama passed. Obamacare being the #1 ticket item on that list.


Congressional Republicans are considering holding off on repealing some of ObamaCare’s taxes, according to lobbyists familiar with the discussions.

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GOP lawmakers on the House Ways and Means Committee discussed the possibility of keeping some of the taxes in place during a retreat last week at the Library of Congress, the sources say.

Even if some of the taxes are not removed as part of the initial repeal bill, it does not necessarily mean they will remain indefinitely. Some ObamaCare taxes could be dealt with as part of a larger tax reform bill later in the year.

Still, there is at least a possibility that some taxes could remain in place to provide revenue for a replacement healthcare measure.

Discussions are still in flux, however, and ObamaCare taxes could be repealed right away. Including the law’s taxes in a repeal bill could be an easier political move for Republicans, given the importance many have placed on repealing as much of the law as possible.

Asked about the possibility of keeping some ObamaCare taxes, a House GOP aide said no decisions have been made yet.


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