You Could Be Arrested For SUSPICION of Posting Racist Tweets

helpPolice have arrested three people ahead of planned protests in Newcastle.

The English Defence League and Newcastle Unites are both holding marches and demonstrations in the city centre on Saturday afternoon.

Ahead of the protests, Northumbria Police have arrested three men, two from Gateshead and one from Stockton, on suspicion of posting racist tweets.

Newcastle Area Commander Chief Superintendent Gary Calvert told Chronicle Live: “We appreciate that the events in London on Thursday may have heightened community concerns about this weekend’s planned protests in Newcastle.”

London’s Metropolitan Police has mobilised more than 1,000 officers ready to be sent to potential trouble spots with armed response units. Extra patrols are on hand to head to mosques and other religious sites which are targets for far-right groups.

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A hotline for recording Islamophobic crimes said 150 incidents have been reported over the past two days.

Tell Mama, the charity monitoring anti-Muslim attacks has logged 83 new reports of violent threats reported by Muslims to its helpline. The charity normally receives four to eight calls per day.

The English Defence League held a rally of its followers in the streets of…



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