‘You Will Need It Where You Are Going’: Police Officer Gives Suspect Unusual Gift For Shooting Him

An off-duty officer was shot three times after attempting to pull over a 19yr-old for reckless driving. The suspect, Kevin Rojas was driving erratically when the officer spotted him while dropping his 14yr-old sone to school.

Even though he was off-duty the officer still attempted to pull over Rojas. The suspect immediately started shooting at the cop, whom was wearing a bullet proof vest with “POLICE” printed on the front of it. Luckily the officer’s son wasn’t hit, but the cop himself took 3 bullets.

The Jacksonville, FL, cop fired back at Rojas, whom fled after stealing someone’s car.

Authorities were called in to pursue the suspect. Rojas barricaded himself inside a house and sustained bullet wounds during this altercation.

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The incident happened in March of 2016 and just this Wednesday Rojas, now 21, was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison for attempting to kill the officer and his son.

The officer involved in the initial shoot out had an interesting statement to make about the assailant, pulling out a bottle of K-Y Jelly and stated, “I brought a little gift for you. You will need it where you are going.”



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