Young Teenager Dead Two Months After being Rescued from Online ‘Predator’

Heaven Ray Cox went missing after chatting with an online ‘predator’ who was ‘much older’ than her and sparked a national manhunt.

After being rescued and found unharmed on December 1, at a Louisiana residence just five days after the rescue mission was sparked, Heaven has been announced dead.

The details of the 15yr-old’s death haven’t been released, but the mother Tammy has made a public statement on her Facebook account.

‘Our sweet Heaven left us to be with Jesus this afternoon around 4:00. Some bright lights are not meant for this dark and cruel world,’ she wrote on her social media account.

‘I know that Dusty and Gracie were there to welcome her. Sing with the angels sweet girl. I love you.’

Responding to the many messages of condolence left for her, Tammy wrote: ‘Thank you all. My heart is broken, she was the light and life in my home. I’m going to miss her terribly.’

Tammy, a resident of Mauriceville, Texas, published earlier: ‘I need everyone to stop and pray right now for Heaven!! It’s and emergency.’

Via the Daily Mail: Heaven vanished after talking to a man on Snapchat and took her passport but not the medication needed to treat the bi-polar condition she suffered from, according to her mother.

The teen was the subject of a nationwide search before she was found unharmed with a ‘relative’ of one of her friends. No charges were ever brought over her disappearance and the police did not comment on her family’s claims about the ‘online predator’.

Tammy was elated when Heaven was found, writing on Facebook: ‘She had been found and is safe!!!’

‘Thanks to everybody for all you have done for one little girl, please don’t forget that there are others out there still missing.’



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