‘YOU’RE 13’: Mother’s Facebook Rant of Daughter’s Racy Photos Goes Viral [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 9.25.13 AMIf that were my kid, we would be on the next plane to a ranch where internet didn’t exist.

A mother in Denver posted a rant to Facebook about her 13-year-old daughter’s racy photos and it’s since gone viral.

Valerie Starks said she shamed her daughter for claiming to be 19.

“So you gotta Facebook page and you’re on there with your bra on, right?” Starks said in the post.

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The rant has more than 10 million views.

“We have established in the last few seconds that you’re not a freak, that you don’t sit at home with a bra on,” Starks continued. “You don’t wear makeup.”

It was a mother’s fury.

“Are you 19?” Starks asked.

“No,” responded her daughter.

“No, you’re 13, right?” Starks said.

This happened after she found the 13-year-old’s secret Facebook profile.

“When I looked in her friends list, [there were] people requesting to be her friend who are 30, 40-year-old men because they think she’s 19,” Starks said.

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