YouTube Shooter: Nasim Aghdam the ‘Vegan Bodybuilder’ Went on Shooting Spree Because There is no Freedom of Speech in the US

Yesterday’s YouTube shooter has been identified as Iranian immigrant Nasim Aghdam, who is a self-proclaimed ‘vegan bodybuilder,’ and her motive was very evident. She publicly displayed how YouTube started censoring her video content.

Aghdam, who was about to turn 38-years-old before the shooting, made a living off of the advertisements on her videos. As soon as the media outlet started to restrict her views and reach, she complained there was less free speech in the US than in Iran.

This statement was made days before she went to YouTube HQ and shot three people, killing herself in the end.

Via Daily Mail: Until recently, Aghdam had been making a living through monetized commercials and posts on YouTube where she had gathered thousands of followers through multiple English and Farsi channels.

She had previously founded animal rights charities in California but her vlogging appeared to be the focus of her life.

Her eclectic content ranged from workout videos in tight catsuits to Taylor Swift parodies, animal slaughtering videos and what she described as educational posts about the ‘dangers’ of anal sex.

She became outraged, however, when the video site started ‘censoring’ her content and removing the lucrative ads which had kept her afloat.

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‘She was always complaining that YouTube ruined her life,’ her brother Shahran told The Press Enterprise.

‘She chose the day to die the day she came,’ he added. Authorities have not found a suicide note and her family don’t know where she got the handgun used in the shooting.

On Instagram post made in March, Aghdam complained about her misfortune and said that Iran had more freedom than the USA.  ‘When it comes to freedom of speech do you think Iran is better than the USA or the USA is better than Iran?’ she said.

On Saturday, she left her grandmother’s home, where she had recently moved into, to drive to San Bruno, 500 miles away near San Francisco. Her worried father called police to tell them she was missing and that he feared she might be headed towards the tech company’s sprawling, 200,000 sq ft ‘college-like’ campus.

On Monday, she was found asleep in her car by security guards. Questions are now arising over how she was able to gain access to the campus at all. Using a handgun, Aghdam shot three people then killed herself in the space of several minutes during lunchtime on Tuesday.

Her body was discovered by authorities near lunch tables outside, where employees were celebrating a colleague’s birthday at the time. Initially, police were investigating this shooting as a domestic dispute due to early reports stating she shot her boyfriend.

Aghdam, who was a self-described animal rights activist and ‘vegan bodybuilder’, had a significant online presence with multiple YouTube channels and social media pages. In a video that Aghdam posted back in January 2017, she vented about her content being censored. She also said that her YouTube channel, which had more than 5,000 subscribers, used to get many views but claimed she started getting less when the company ‘filtered’ her videos.

Just hours after the shooting all of Aghdam’s social media pages were taken down. Donald Trump Jr. quipped that this was due to the fact she was a liberal vegan and not a right-wing NRA supporter.

Tweeting he said: ‘You think there’s any chance whatsoever that a mass shooters hateful Instagram and YouTube channels would be pulled immediately if they were NRA members as opposed to liberal Vegan PETA activists? Asking for a few million friends in the @NRA’

Her father Ismail Aghdam said she had told family members that YouTube had stopped paying her for content she posted on the site.He told the Bay Area News Group that he had warned police his daughter hated YouTube and she might be headed to their headquarters.

On Monday morning he reported her missing after she did not answer his calls for two days. Authorities contacted the father 2am on Tuesday, reporting they found her sleeping in her car about 470 miles away from her hometown. Police claimed to the father that everything was ‘in control,’ he did not agree and informed them of her outspoken hatred for YouTube in the recent weeks.


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