rape kitIt is worth noting that there has been a recent spate of videos from anti-gun social prog DemoKKKrat MEN in various state houses as well as the misogynistic musings and droolings of “Shotgun” Joe Biden that, in their adherence to the nonsensical nincompoopery that women shouldn’t be allowed to use firearms in defense of their persons, are designed to make it easier for other true believers from their liberal-minded progeny to start their own date rape club.

Obviously the women who have dated or married either of these two social-prog carnival tools of Colorado were either suffering from low self-esteem and settled for something less than a man or they were too intellectually challenged to recognize that these guys want chattel for mates and not self-determined equals in their marital charade.

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“Shotgun” Joe Biden completely missed the target with his extemporaneous colloquy by instructing his wife Jill, and by extension any other woman facing a physical threat, to “…just walk out on the balcony here–walk out, put that double barrel shot gun and fire two blasts outside the house…”. Uh Joe…not everybody has a bazillion dollar house in the country with a balcony. Some folks live in dingy little crap holes with a shared toilet down the hall and drug dealers selling crack for food stamps working the foyer after they’d lost their jobs at Solyndra.

YOUR reality ain’t necessarily OURS, Joe. Get a grip. Preferably on your hair plugs, dude.

And is it an inconvenient truth that the Bidens don’t need a shotgun when they already enjoy the gooberment provided entitlement of Secret Service protection? I’m surprised that Shotgun Joe didn’t recommend that all one needs to do to be safe from rapists and home invasion robberies is to run on a winning presiduncial ticket which comes with life time protection from Secret Service guys that are on the A-list of bad-assery.

Does anybody, including Joe Biden, really think that any member of his Secret Service detail are packing “Ol’ Snake Eyes” in 12 gauge while he makes a nachos and Slurpee run to the local Quickie Mart?

According to the Rape Treatment Center, in the uber-liberal enclave of the People’s Republic of Santa Monica, CA, “…80% of the girls and women who were raped were victimized by someone they knew…”

On the same website, “[i]n a study published by the Department of Justice, 82% of the victims were raped by someone they knew (acquaintance/friend, intimate, relative) and 18% were raped by a stranger.”

Make NO mistake that the hidden-in-plain-sight agenda of the illiterate liberalistas of the Latte Limousine KKKoffee Klache is to disarm women so they can’t protect themselves from the sexual predation of other liberal pseudo-men whose Ego can’t take “no” for an answer from a self-actualized and well-adjusted woman that they just met at some hipster wine and cheese party.

“It’s OK, baby, don’t fight it…its only sex…just lay back and enjoy it…it’s why I brought the duct tape…I got some extra ‘roofies’ if that will help…”

While dirty hippie social progressives have claimed that the War on Women has to do with conservative distemper against gooberment-funded abortion and $10,000 per year Flukian birth control pill stipends, the real War on Women is being waged and raged by liberal men, who couldn’t otherwise get a date in a 3rd World bordello with a suitcase full of Benjamins, that desire nothing less than to create a target rich environment for sexual conquest among the members of the “kinder, gentler sex”.

Under the social prog program, after you get raped, you can get a gooberment-funded abortion to take care of the “problem” later! Forget about being proactive with a hand cannon. Somebody might get hurt! Rapists are people too, you know, and they have feeeeelings. You don’t want to hurt THEIR feeeeelings now, do you? If you fight back, he/they might get hurt!

Take Colorado Rep. Joe Salazar’s [D-ouche] comments about “…It’s why we have call boxes, it’s why we have safe zones, it’s why we have the whistles…”.

First of all, fat guys pretending to be smart shouldn’t sport pimpy bow-ties like a used car salesman trying to sell a rusted-out GM Geo Metro like it’s a shiny new Beemer.

Total fashion foul, dude. Only race-bait weasel monkeys Louis Farrakhan can pull off that look and he’s a bigger jackass than you could ever hope to be, so stop it…now.

Second, when using a “call box” and seconds count, the police are only 6+ hours away…especially in Salazar’s home state of Colorado!

Third, on use of a “safe zone”; are we now in a kindergarten-flavored rape reality show with a new version of “Tap, Tap, No Tags Back!”? Does the rapist burst into flame like a werewolf when it crosses over Holy Ground? Has there been a definitive study from the CDC that rapists react to “safe zones” like vampires react to garlic and wooden stakes?

Fourth, how well does the rape whistle work AFTER the victim is in intensive care, Mr. Salazar, hmm? Go to a rape treatment clinic and inquire among the habitues if anybody used their whistle. Let us know the results after you get out of the hospital following recovery from your wounds after the ensuing cat-scratch party.

The rape whistle is only effective to alert the public AFTER the perp is face down and tasting his own juices oozing from the .45 ACP street-pizza nuggets delivered hot and piping fresh to the center mass of his front door by that cute little girly girl holding a smoking shootin‘ iron and a sign that says, “Do Not Enter” who isn’t really interested in receiving a, um, uh, just a “tip”.

If one is still unconvinced that DemoKKKrat men aren’t date-rapists in training vis-à-vis their convoluted rationale with their soft-pedaled metrosexual disarmament argument then one only need turn one’s attention to the New Age power-to-the-people social prog bowel movement colloquially known Occupoop Wall St.

These allegedly “non-violent” street urchins [armed with their smart phones, Patagonia anoraks, faggy skinny jeans, bongo drums and street puppets] that are descended from soiled loins of their 1960’s anti-war movement Baby Boomer dirty hippie parents more than proved their faux ethical roots in the rap sheet that they have accrued in their short-lived existence which has succinctly demonstrated their over-weening, self- absorbed egotism shown here. Scroll down to sexual assaults:

Notice that in “gun free zones” like Occupoop Wall St., only ONE murder with a handgun [gang-related] is mentioned yet the cavalcade of crime committed among these self-professed “peaceniks” is as prevalent as the Botox on Nancy Pelosi’s face!

Sexual assault was such a problem during the OWS escapades that a “safety tent” was erected as some sort of rape-free zone to protect women from the sexual assaults of…oh yeah…other like-minded LIBERAL men! So does that mean that anywhere outside of the “safe-tent” was a free-range rape zone? If one was to step outside of the “safe tent” then was any area not under the tent considered an invitation to gang rape?

Is battle cry of OWS , “Gentlemen…let the rapings begin!”

Can anybody tell me the difference between a social prog DemoKKKrat “safety tent” and a full-body jihadi Sharia law imposed burqa? The mien is the same. The only difference is the tent poles. Maybe the Occupooper sexual oeuvre was based on then- candidate Obama’s 2008 dictum to Joe the Plumber of “When you spread the wealth around, it’s a good thing!”

So spread ‘em, baby…it’s all good, right? It’s all for “women’s health”.

It appears that the liberal anti-gun argument is that women are either too emotionally compromised [ie “stupid”] to successfully defend themselves with a firearm against their date rape-minded brethren or they are to be “protected” in post-modern cloisters that were all the rage in 8th century seraglios.

If there needs to be a “War FOR Women” then let it begin at the opening flap of the social progtard “safe tents” with all the incendiary wherewithal that can be brought to bear with any caliber at hand.


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