Zimmerman Riots Not About Trayvon Martin’s Death


The George Zimmerman trial has just wound up and the verdict was surprising to those who didn’t care about the evidence: Not Guilty. Some got all bent out of shape and went to cause trouble, breaking and burning and generally causing havoc (Hey, opportunity knocks, why pass it up?).  They didn’t get their own way with the verdict they wanted: Guilty. (Admittedly, not all are violent, some are out peacefully protesting; which is the better way to do things.)

The president immediately went into action, with the D.o.J (more properly called nowadays the Do[IN]J) to investigate the possibility of a “Civil Rights Violations” charge against Zimmerman. As Allen Dershowitz points out in an article on The Blaze:

Dershowitz continued that “George Zimmerman can’t really alone violate the civil rights of an individual even if he were to be guilty of the crime.”

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The truth of this trial — and of the reaction to this verdict — is that it wasn’t about the guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman. It was about another opportunity to attack gun rights. As Bette Middler tweeted:

We do know if there hadn’t been a gun, they’d both be alive to tell us.”

It’s about punishing someone who had the legal right to carry a concealed weapon and who used that legally carried weapon to defend himself. Think about it.

If this was about a young man being dead, wouldn’t the left be protesting and rioting about the Chicago black on white and Asian violencemuggings and robberies committed by mobs — as well as black on black violence?

If you want to look at the big picture of the deaths of young black people, how about looking at abortion? For instance, Amercan blacks make up 13% of the population, but they have 36% of the abortions performed in America. For how long will that 13% of the population number stay at 13% with so many of the black babies being aborted? If they want to keep their population numbers up, don’t you think that they’d be protesting the violence their young people commit (against other races as well as each other), and stop having so many abortions? But, no.

Let us not be concerned, protest (peacefully or otherwise) that kind of  thing. Let us not be concerned that those having guns in their possession illegally are left to do so without comment, condemnation, or protest as long as they’re on the left side of the political spectrum (and, let’s face facts: people the political left break those laws more often than those on the political right).

Let us, instead, protest, condemn and break things because someone had the foresight and courage to legally acquire a handgun, get a legal permit to carry said handgun and then use that handgun in his own defense. The jury’s verdict was supposed to be “Guilty” because the case was not about self-defense, but instead, about punishing someone for having the chutzpah to actually have legally done so.

Ask yourself the question: If George Zimmerman had a long rap sheet, had been in a gang at the time of the shooting, had his gun illegally and Trayvon Martin was still shot, and Zimmerman had received the same verdict, would there be riots today?

In that scenario, would there be no riots today because it would have been a fight between two equals and the one was “lucky” and the other “unlucky”? Would it be that Zimmerman’s verdict — “Innocent” in the fact that he was acting in self-defense (but not innocent of carrying illegally) — would have drawn a different reaction? After all, two troubled people meeting on the streets (as proven in Chicago, L.A. and other cities daily) does not create riots.

The reaction to George Zimmerman’s “Not Guilty” verdict is about the fact that someone was doing the right thing and therefore, the legally carried gun that was used to legally defend the person doing the right thing has to be protested, vilified and our Second Amendment rights protested.

George Zimmerman had a concealed carry permit and carried his gun legally. The riots and violence happening right now are more about that than about a dead young black man who attacked Zimmerman. Otherwise, we’d see riots against Chicago’s dead young black man, the abortions that are performed and other instances of dead black people.

Truth is, the Second Amendment is causing the riots more than Trayvon Martin. If this administration goes after Zimmerman for alleged “civil rights violations” and is successful, the Second Amendment will follow the Fifth Amendment into playing the death knell for our U.S. Constitution.


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