ZIPPED LIPS: White House Silent on Latest Benghazi Christian Massacre

1622277_10152260420368024_280131931_nLibyan security officials on Monday reported that the remains of seven Egyptian Coptic Christians were discovered on a beach in Libya‘s city of Benghazi with gunshot wounds to the victims’ heads. Yet there were no statements released from President Barack Obama’s White House nor from the Department of State about the latest Benghazi massacre, according to former police counterterrorism detective, Jonathan Murray-Townes.

A U.S. police and intelligence expert, Townes told Law Enforcement Examiner that the victims were kidnapped from their apartments and then killed execution-style. Randolph believes the killings were perpetrated by Libyan Islamists from groups such as al-Qaeda or Ansar al-Sharia.

As has been reported by the Examiner in the past, the weak Libyan government and its security forces — military, police and intelligence — are incapable of enforcing the nation’s laws to control militias comprised of former rebels and Islamist terrorists who are heavily armed after they overthrew the Khadhafi regime and were able to confiscate the Khadhafi military’s weapons.

Radical Muslims in Libya are active in assassinating police, intelligence and military officers, as well as kidnapping victims for ransom and the use ofimprovised explosive devices (IEDs) to create car bombs, Townes noted.

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According to Chuck Randolph, unidentified men carrying automatic rifles visited a building in Benghazi and went door to door asking occupants if they prayed to Allah or Jesus Christ. If a person admitted being a follower of Christ, they were dragged out of the building.

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