Zombie Pandemic 101: Why Does The CDC Have A Zombie Apocalypse Manual?

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 9.23.50 AMBy zombies they mean ebola infected patients, right?

You simply cannot make this stuff up. The accompanying photo is the cover page for a CDC publication called “Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic.” No doubt they thought they were being clever and creative, two words that are anathema to government bureaucrats. But yes, the CDC has a training manual using a “Zombie Pandemic” scenario. You know, because things like an Ebola pandemic are just too farfetched. Regardless. The guidance is the same. CDC recommends that:

  • People distance themselves from anyone displaying symptoms
  • Gather emergency supplies
  • Make plans in case you are asked to evacuate
  • Print out CDC’s Emergency Preparedness Kit

Wait a minute… something is wrong here. it’s not the same. Some of this actually makes sense. I mean, a preparedness kit, emergency supplies? Basic, but at least you can’t go wrong with it. Unlike what CDC has told us they think is best to “prepare” for Ebola, such as:

  • Don’t restrict flights from affected nations
  • Don’t restrict travel to affected nations
  • Provide minimal, ineffective screening of passengers
  • Send the 101st Airborne Division to Liberia to bag bodies
  • On second thought, add the National Guard, just for good measure
  • Don’t quarantine the Ebola-ravaged population, no, but we may have to quarantine U.S. troops!
  • Don’t don heavy protective gear. All you need is some good gloves.
  • Don’t restrict travel of exposed healthcare workers, let them travel with elevated temperature.

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