ZOMBIE TOWN: You Can Buy ‘Walking Dead’ Town on eBay

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If remote zombie towns are your thing, then you might want to think about investing.

Fans of The Walking Dead series have a chance to make a killing in real estate by buying up part of a ghost town that was featured in the popular zombie show.

The former mayor of Grantville, Georgia, has put nine downtown buildings up for sale on eBay for $680,000.

Grantville was used as a setting for the popular zombie-drama during during the ‘CLEAR’ episode in season three of the show.

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Jim Sells bought the properties, which feature 25,000 square feet of usable space and include commercial spaces, apartments and restaurants, during the recession.

He wants to sell the renovated buildings to someone who has experience owning commercial property, WXIA-TV reported.

Sells said: ‘The hard work has been done.

‘We’re looking for somebody to put it all into action.’

Although $680,000 is the asking price, Sells is open to offers, according to the Newman Times-Herald.

He said: ‘With the economy picking up, we feel it’s just a good time to sell downtown to someone who has a long-term vision for the city.

‘We need someone with the expertise to develop this area commercially.’

The eBay listing, which offers free local pickup, calls Grantville a ‘vibrant community’.

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